''Really pretty little holder, keeps the soap dry and stops it getting stuck all over the sink''

- Leanne, Australia

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ZenGrove Leaf Shaped Soap Holder

ZenGrove Leaf Shaped Soap Holder

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Tired of your Soap Turning to Mush?

Excess water left on your soap can cause it to melt, leading to excess wastage. ZenGrove's 45 degree angled tilt allows for optimum water drainage, keeping your soap as dry as possible which minimises waste and keeps your sink cleaner.

Suction Cup Base for Complete Stability.

The suction cup at the base of the holder means the holder is almost impossible to knock over. Simply stick the holder in your preferred location and it's ready to go.

Detachable for Easy Cleaning.

The ZenGrove Soap Holder detaches to make cleaning easy and is made from odourless, BPA Free, high-quality ABS materials.

Practicality Meets Elegance.

Not only is ZenGrove supremely practical, but it looks great too, adding a touch of elegance to any bathroom or kitchen.


What are the dimensions?

Height: 10.5cm

Length of Dish: 13cm

Width of Dish: 8.5cm

Are the materials BPA free?

Yes! ZenGrove is completely BPA free.