Just wonderful! Grating and shredding made so so easy! Couldn't recommend enough!

- Will, UK

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GrateMate Multifunctional Rotary Grater

GrateMate Multifunctional Rotary Grater

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Minimal Effort Food Prep.

GrateMate couldn't be easier to operate. Simply insert your ingredients into the top, turn the handle, and let the stainless steel blades do the work for you. The user-friendly design requires minimal effort, grating, slicing and shredding with ease.

3 Interchangeable Blades.

GrateMate comes with 3 interchangeable blades, making it easy to switch from grating, to shredding to slicing. Their design allows you too efficiently use ingredients down to the very last bit, minimizing food wastage.

Safety First.

GrateMate's design minimizes the risk of accidents by keeping your hands away from any sharp blades, reducing the chances of accidental cuts or injuries.

Favoured by Professionals.

Rotary graters are favoured in professional kitchens for their ability to produce finely grated or shredded ingredients with ease. Give yourself the best and start cooking like a pro at home!