''Love this! The pockets are perfect and make it so easy to get my dog dry!''

- Jean, USA

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QuickDry Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towel

QuickDry Absorbent Microfibre Dog Towel

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Fast drying

Been for a long walk in the rain? Or maybe it was bath time for your dog! Getting your dog dry again doesn't need to be a hassle - with our QuickDry towel you can get your furry friend dried off in no time at all.

Microfibres have high water absorbing capacity

QuickDry is made from microfibres, which are much finer and thinner than traditional fibres. This fine texture results in an extensive surface area within the fabric, meaning more space for water molecules to be trapped and held.

Lightweight and easy to store

Our QuickDry towel is super lightweight and can be rolled up small making it very easy to store. Keep it in the cupboard for bath time, or even in the back of your car for drying off after walks.

Hand Pockets

The intuitive two hand pocket design allows you to easily dry even those more difficult to reach places, such as your dogs belly. You'll love how easy drying time will become!