''Has definitely made cleaning easier! And really useful when the kids come back to visit with their families and we have to make some room! Really useful little tool!''

- Michelle, UK

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EasyMove Furniture Moving Kit

EasyMove Furniture Moving Kit

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Want an Easier Way to Move Heavy Furniture?

There's all sorts of reasons why you may need to move your furniture, but heavy objects such as sofas, beds, and tables can be really difficult to move. Our EasyMove kit eliminates that struggle. The small wheels allow you to move heavy furniture items easily, reducing the need for strenuous lifting and pushing.

Minimise Physical Strain.

Our EasyMove kit decreases the risk of injury associated with lifting and carrying heavy objects, as it reduces the strain on your back, shoulders, and joints.

Protect your Floors.

The small wheels are designed to be gentle on floors, preventing damage such as scratches and scuffs that can occur when dragging or pushing heavy furniture.

A Genuine Time Saver.

Moving furniture with the EasyMove kit is quicker and more efficient, as it eliminates the need to dismantle furniture or disassemble items before moving them. It also means you are less dependent on others to help you. No need to wait for family, friends or even professional movers to move your furniture!


Is there a maximum weight limit?

The EasyMove kit can support weights of up to 2600lbs! Each wheel can can support a load of roughly 650lbs.

What's in the 5 piece kit?

The 5 piece kit contains the 4 wheels and the furniture lifting tool.

What's in the 13 piece kit?

The 13 piece kit also contains the 4 wheels and the furniture lifting tool, whilst additionally including 8 stackable segments. These segments can be used in conjunction with the furniture lifting tool to lift furniture that is further off the ground - as shown in some of the pictures above.